VapourJET M110

Mobile Up-Right Garment Steamer

with Rapid Steam

  The VapourJET M110 is an up-right garment steamer made for: Busy households, small hotels, small alteration/clothes shops etc.

It is used when you have hanging garments or textiles which are wrinkled and need to be touched up fast.  It produces a strong, continuous flow of warm, moist steam, which helps to release wrinkles in fabric fibres. 

It can be much faster than standard ironing and is very easy to operate, with Low & High steam settings.

Its Rapid Steam feature, has it steaming in around 60 seconds from cold, so there's no waiting around before you can use it.

It requires no installation, uses standard tap water & is powered by a standard 13 amp plug.


Vapour Jet Garment Steamer

VapourJET M110

Mobile Up-right garment / textile steamer.

with Rapid Steam


Vapour JET M110 features:

  • New modern design.

  • Durable enclosed body, mounted on castors.

  • Rapid Steam quick start-up time of around 60 seconds from cold - so you can start working almost straight away with little or no delay.

  • Removable cold water tank - for easy filling and topping-up straight from the tap.

  • Two separate power setting - for High & low steam flow.

  • Light weight steaming handle - to help reduce operator fatigue.

  • Auto filling - takes water from the cold tank as necessary.

  • Out of water warning -  both LED light & buzzer fitted.

  • Long steam hose - with protective nylon outer cover.

  • Built-in height adjustable Hose Stand - so you can set a comfortable work height and it also splits into sections - making the steamer portable and easy to move from site to site.

Easy to use steam handle Removable cold water tank

vapour jet garment steamer professional

VapourJET M110

Mobile Steamer

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